Where Are The Writers?

As a ghostwriter, I’m in the business of researching the book writing business. I read a blog a few weeks ago that I’d like to mention. The title is, 200 Million Americans Want to Publish Books, But Can They? It’s written by guest contributor, Justine Tal Goldbert for a website / company called Publishing Perspectives.

200 Million. That’s a lot.

Among other problems the 200 Million will face as they try to become authors, the two that are the hardest to overcome are:

1.    Finding the time. We’re all busy making a living and running our lives. Writing a book for first-timers is a time-consuming and arduous process. In fact, statistics show that less than 1% of people that start to write a book never finish!

2.    Writing a Great Book. Even if someone hid away in solitude in a Wi-Fi free log cabin nestled at the side of a mountain, they don’t know how to write a book. How do you take your years of experiences in a narrative that strangers would find engaging?

So, a solution would be to hire someone like me. As I mentioned, I’m a ghostwriter, actually, a best-selling ghostwriter who has written and helped with over 70 books in the last 3 years. But I’m just one man and there are 200 million people that want to author a book.

Where are the writers?

In one of my favorite all-time books, Think and Grow Rich, Author Napoleon Hill wrote, way back in 1937 that the world is demanding new books. Not much has changed since then in the book-wanting department. In a post from the New York Times, writer Joseph Epstein wrote in 2002 “According to a recent survey, 81 percent of Americans feel they have a book in them.”

There is not a lack of people who want to author a book, there’s a lack of writers. So, where are the writers?

I ask this question even though I know the answer. They’re everywhere! They’re selling insurance, selling houses, working at Wal-Mart, providing Financial Planning, teaching, selling cars, cooking at restaurants, flying planes, playing music, landscaping, performing surgery, and doing every other job known to man.

To you writers out there that are making a living in another fashion, even those with a degree in English or Journalism, I want to let you know you don’t have to anymore. The problem you face is that although you’re a really good writer, maybe even a great one, you don’t know how to make a great living as a writer.

Well, not for nothing but I’m making a great living as a professional writer. And I don’t want to rub it in but…it’s as cool a job as there is. The good news is: I can teach you to make a great living as a professional writer as well.

I founded the International Ghostwriter’s Association and alongside some incredibly talented professionals, we have developed a three-month course that will teach everything a talented writer needs to know on how to start and maintain their own lucrative writing business.

Check out our website: www.internationalghostwritersassociation.com

Graduates of this course will earn a Certification as a Professional Ghostwriter and Ghost Blogger, thus providing them the gravitas to pitch confidently even if they have never written a book before.

Top producers in multiple industries have collaborated on this course to ensure that it equip its students with every skill necessary to maintain a lucrative writing career. Course creators include:

Lillian Barcaski: “Lil” holds a BA in Communications and has owned a highly successful marketing firm in Tampa Bay since 2005. She works with hundreds of clients writing web content and ghost blogging.

Loren Murfield Ph.D.: Dr. Murfield has taught 23 college and graduate degree courses. He has also written over 10 books. He is a visionary facilitator who works with leaders to do what followers consider impossible.

Sarah McDugal: Sarah is a highly successful Brand Strategist who has produced and directed more than 150 Hollywood quality, story-driven videos. She is also a published author and leadership speaker.

Lucia Tavares Martin: Mrs. Martin holds a Masters Degree in English and a Business Degree in International Finance and Marketing. She is well versed in writing, education, and finance having worked as a Writing Tutor and English Teacher.

Dr. Crystal Gifford: Dr. Gifford has developed college-level curricula for years as a college professor before becoming President of the International Center for Athletic Financial Development.

Pedro Lopez Jr: Author, Speaker, and the top publisher for the largest Hybrid Publishing company in the country.

Then there’s me, Eli Gonzalez. I was the senior ghostwriter for a global publishing company before I began freelancing. I’ve sold over 100 ghostwriting contracts in the last four years and have written or edited over 70. During that time I’ve subcontracted 21 writers, some of which started their own lucrative writing businesses.

If you’re a writer, stop faking being something else. Shed the mask and be who you’ve always wanted to be. It’s easier than you think!

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