Conceive, Produce, Publish, and Market

We have a unique method to extract your best ideas, and place them into words.

Based on our solid experience, we breeze through the typical difficulties that make most aspiring authors give up.
In order to connect with readers, your book first needs to be produced and placed on the market. We handle the complex publishing process through.

Raising awareness about your book in front of key players in your industry is part of our skillset.

We Are Proud Members Of

  • International Ghostwriter’s Association

A Vision of Integrity

Telling your story and conveying your message is a task that should not be handled by just anyone. Our company has been founded upon solid values, which we manifest at every touchpoint during our process as we work with our clients.

In summary, we vow to:

Treat our clients fairly
Giving our best includes being fair and balanced in aspects of our business, including our quotes, work process, and everything else. You can have peace while we handle your vision.
We strive to be truthful in every aspect of our communication. Being upfront with our clients ensures their expectations are in line with how we deliver.
Although we are expert wordsmiths, our word is our main asset. Whatever we say we’ll do, whichever deadline we commit to, our clients can rest assured that we will place our full effort behind meeting it.

A Streamlined Process To Take You From Aspiration To Achievement

Having published numerous books successfully, we have optimized a unique system to make your book more than a reality, by making your book launch an absolute success.

Throughout our process, you will feel like a producer in your own film, while TGP is your crew of experts and technicians that make every detail happen… and in the best way possible.

Eli Gonzalez, CEO TG Publishing

The reason I love what I do is because I am able to move an audience with my client’s messages, in ways that are close to impossible to do if they tried to on their own.
— Eli Gonzalez, President at TG Publishing, author of Words Of Influence

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