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Become An Author Without Pouring In Months or Years Of Valuable Time

Let’s face it: writing a book is a very difficult and time-consuming process. For most people, it may take many months or years of dedication and patience, time that most people feel they don’t have.

Many people aspire to become an Author, yet very few ever reach their goal.

Even those that can set aside the time from their busy lives find themselves staring at a blank screen, not sure how to tell their story or how to put their years of experiences in a compelling, thought-provoking, and perhaps even a witty narrative.


Our Solution

We solve those issues by taking on the most difficult tasks required for writing a book by actually writing it for you, while you remain focused on telling your story through our writers.

And because our expert team has already published numerous titles, you can be sure our eye is always set on the big picture of your book becoming a total success.

Writing and Editing

  • Ghostwriting

    We write your message for you, while you sit back and direct the outcome.

  • Developmental Editing

    Let us craft your written material into a finalized piece.

  • Proof-Reading and Line Editing

    We filter your content for errors, and perfect style and grammar.

  • Book Coaching

    You can be trained by our team of experts to bring your book to light.

  • Workshops

    Attend one of our helpful sessions to learn everything around being an author or a writer.

  • Spanish book translation

    Extend your reach into the Spanish-speaking world.


  • Design (Cover and Interior)

    Package your book to make a great impression.

  • Printing

    Get your books printed at a great quality and for the most affordable costs.

  • Distribution

    Imagine your books in all relevant marketplaces. We make it a reality.

  • Marketing

    Expand the visibility of your book title so it can be found by your intended audience.

Benefits Of Working With TGP

  • Highly-Qualified Team Of Writers

    Access To A Highly-Qualified Team Of Writers

    In order for your book to be expertly-written, you need to be an expert writer… Or at least have access to one. When you become a TGP client, you have the assurance that your authored piece will be handled by our group of expert storytellers and writers.

  • Payment Plans

    Payment Plans

    Writing a book is a valuable investment, but it doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. Ask us about our flexible plans, and you will be surprised at what it takes to make your goals a reality.

  • Done-For-You Service

    Done-For-You Service

    You’re a busy person, and we respect that. This is why we make the load as light as possible on you. No grueling over a Word-processor for months, we handle everything for you.

Some Of Our Books
  • Move With Me
  • The Long Journey Home
  • Undaunted
Eli Gonzalez, CEO TG Publishing

Eli Gonzalez, CEO
Best-Selling Ghostwriter

Eli is a Best-Selling Ghostwriter and a former Senior Ghostwriter for one of the largest publishing companies in the country. With over 70 books successfully written and published, Eli has seen it all when it comes to seeing books through from concept to completion.

One of Eli’s greatest achievements has been curating a vastly educated group of writers who are passionate about what they do. He expertly teaches on the nuances of ghostwriting and has amassed a stable of writers so that we can match our client with a writer who is well versed on the core topic of their book.

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